Jim Davidson has delivered over 100 virtual keynotes to corporate audiences all over the world. His energetic presentations have been streamed to over 30 countries for clients like:

Microsoft ** Shell Global ** Deloitte ** Fidelity Investments ** Voya Financial ** Tata Group ** UKG ** Louis Dreyfus Company ** and more!

When you hire Jim to invigorate your virtual event, he brings comprehensive skills to the virtual presentation experience, including: 

  • Live and pre-recorded keynotes
  • Hybrid and/or all-virtual presentations
  • Keynotes and workshops
  • Internal teams to Global Leadership Conferences
  • International business skills (culture, language, metric units, etc. to connect with EMEA* & APAC** audiences)

EMEA* = Europe, Middle East, and Asia

APAC** = Asia, Pacific


Jim has been an invigorating professional speaker for 19 years. He shares captivating, real-life lessons along with “heart-pounding” videos and vivid mountaineering photos. Jim and his skilled videography team have refined their virtual presentation and production systems into a seamless process that includes:

  • Using a professional 3-camera shoot to maximize production values
  • Producing the keynote LIVE and switching camera views often by using a LIVE professional remote director
  • Presenting energetically “studio style” while standing next to a large video screen (i.e., no boring “sitting at a desk” shots)
  • Utilizing professional cameras, mics, and lighting systems (no simple webcams)
  • Integrating wild climbing props and unique expedition photos and videos

Our team can provide you with a powerful virtual presentation on any platform. We even offer an optional full production studio for “big stage” events. 

Get in touch with us today so we can enhance your virtual event and build your team’s resilience for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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Jim has had the great opportunity to provide virtual keynotes and workshops to a variety of clients such as

Microsoft, Shell Global, McKesson RelayHealth, Fidelity, Donor Network West, and more!

If you’re ready to learn more about Jim’s virtual keynotes and workshops, let’s talk!