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Keynote presentations by Jim Davidson teach people how to adapt to change, face uncertainty, and engage with challenge. His programs share how to cultivate resilience so your team can overcome adversity and recover from setbacks. Jim’s keynotes and workshops show your organization how to spark resilient teamwork, amplify resilient leadership, and reach high goals.


Your audience will be entertained, educated, and enlightened by Jim’s keynote presentations. His thrilling stories and lessons are distilled from Jim’s 36 years of climbs, rescues, and survival on high mountains all over the world. Jim’s keynotes contain practical wisdom about resilience, teamwork, and leadership.

His Mount Everest summit and earthquake survival tales make his presentations unique and compelling. By blending dynamic storytelling, stunning visuals and humor, Jim engages your conference attendees while motivating them to climb higher at work and in their personal lives.

Jim’s vivid multi-media presentation makes him a powerful opening keynote speaker for conferences, associations, and corporate retreats. His uplifting messages ensure that Jim’s keynote energizes your important meeting.


In his interactive workshops, Jim shares gripping adventure stories that pull your audience right into riveting teamwork and leadership challenges. Jim uncovers mesmerizing rescue scenarios from his high-altitude climbs and then has your conference attendees solve these real-world challenges. This creates an energetic and safe environment for your team to debate, discuss, and define what makes a resilient team member and how to be a resilient leader.

During these unique and engaging workshops, Jim facilitates your group to isolate key traits and skills for adapting to change, overcoming challenge and facing uncertainty. Each attendee also completes a brief self-reflections to help them enhance their resilience, expand their capacities, and apply the lessons to their careers and at home.

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As the keynote speaker for scores of financial services events, Jim understands the challenges that your colleagues face. He knows how to provide your important guests:

  • A unique and exhilarating presentation
  • Revitalizing energy and a refreshing perspective
  • Motivation and inspiration for your team to reach higher goals
  • Compelling stories, photos and videos that make the lessons meaningful and memorable

Financial services and high-altitude climbing demand the same qualities:Financial services speaker tableIn both of these demanding fields, top-quality professionals must excel at:

  • Preparing and executing successful plans
  • Maintaining a sharp awareness of opportunities and dangers
  • Balancing risk with reward in the pursuit of big goals
  • Deferring short-term needs for long-term gains
  • Driving towards higher success

That’s why expedition climber Jim Davidson connects so well as a financial services speaker. The crucible of high-altitude climbing mirrors the intensity of the financial, mortgage, banking and insurance industries. So, Jim’s lessons and insights resonate very well with driven fiscal professionals.

Jim’s fiscal services clients include Ameriprise, OpenheimerFunds, SunTrust, Wells Fargo, Lincoln, Nationwide, Prudential and dozens more. Since 2006, Jim has spoken at financial services meetings such as:

  • National Sales Conferences
  • Division Meetings
  • Advisor Events
  • Broker/Dealer Gatherings
  • Practice Management Training
  • Compliance Meetings
  • Client Appreciation Events
  • Sales Meetings
  • Training Retreats
  • Due Diligence Events
  • Value Add offerings for partner firms

Please contact us to discuss how Jim can craft a keynote tailored to your theme and that adds great value to your important meeting.

If the world has changed, you have to change.
– Jim Davidson