Financial Services Speaker


Financial Services Professionals must be: Mountain Climbers must be:
Resilient Resilient
Perserverant Perseverant
Goal-driven Goal-driven
Energetic Energetic
Optimistic Optimistic
Engaged Engaged
Determined Determined
Tenacious Tenacious
Responsive Responsive
Team-oriented Team-oriented
Disciplined Disciplined

Special Presentations for the Financial, Banking, Mortgage and Real Estate Fields

Rally Your Resilience – Reach Your Summits in Business and Life

This is Jim’s powerful signature keynote, specially modified for financial service professionals. As a financial services speaker, Jim emphasizes these lessons:

  • Persevering to grow your book of business
  • Expecting and overcoming crevasses
  • Rallying resilience in yourself and others to reach summits in business and life

From this epic experience, Jim shares an uplifting message that inspires organizations and audiences to be resilient and triumph over life’s crevasses. As Jim’s signature keynote, this riveting story is now featured in a one-hour TV episode of I Shouldn’t Be Alive and in a new adventure memoir called The Ledge (2011).

Best for: general session, opening keynote, closing keynote, post-meal presentation, appreciation events

(45-75 minute keynote)

Jim has other keynotes and workshops that can be customized for financial services, mortgage and banking conferences. You can learn more About Jim and see his brief videos.