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Jim was truly an inspirational speaker. He was warm, engaging, and was able to focus his talk so that it was geared toward our organization’s mission. He was very professional and we would recommend his talk to any large group focused on resilience. Thank you from Donor Network West.

Andye Daley

Donor Network West

It is a rarity to find such a casual, yet professional presenter. It’s a great mix and I definitely look forward to working with you in the future. I can’t thank you enough for making my job so much easier…

Jolene McNeil

CMP, Meeting Manager , Industrial Supply Association

The post-event surveys are in and, as I expected, you got top marks from everyone. The only complaints were that I didn’t schedule you for a longer session, earlier in the workshop. But that just means we’ll have to bring you back!

Martha Morrison

CMP, Vice President-Meetings and Trade Shows, Self Storage Association

Jim Davidson’s keynote presentation and incredible personal stories of resiliency set the tone for our entire three-day National State Insurance Trade Association Conference. Our group of insurance association and company executives are in the business of dealing with adversity and Jim used his compelling life lessons to inspire our attendees to reach for new personal and professional heights. We all regularly hear from motivational speakers, but the feedback we received on Jim’s presentation was that it uniquely resonated because it was about taking real risks and surviving in the face of impossible odds.

Carole Walker

Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association

Jim was very quick on the uptake during our pre-event meetings and showed from the beginning an understanding for the client’s strategic focus for the conference. From their main values and cue words, Jim connected his experiences with the purpose of the event. Inspiring, educational and very value-creating presentation!

Jonas Lysholm Larsen

Project Coordinator, Eventually, Denmark

After Jim Davidson spoke at our event, a participant later said to me, “The best speaker I’ve heard was at your conference. Jim had the most relevance to advising than all of the speakers I’ve heard.” Jim was very easy to work with, he was very organized, and made a lasting impression on the participants. We have since used his book, The Ledge, in our local literacy program; the students are on the edge of their seats while reading it.

Patty Pederson

Student Services Coordinator, Carbon County Higher Education Center

This is the second time we have had Jim as a keynote speaker. Jim’s Resilience keynote tied right into the emphasis we wanted as a take away from our meeting. Jim’s ability to assimilate and shape the keynote to our business and provide methods/tools to help each of us moving forward was remarkable. We are grateful to Jim for providing both an inspirational message but more importantly, specific ideas and process that we can begin using immediately to improve ourselves and our business.

Brad Thornton

President & CEO, University Mechanical & Engineering Contractors, Inc.

We will be facing challenges of a different nature in the coming year, challenges of new and dynamic growth. The key to our success will lie in our ability to execute: exactly the problem you had to deal with inside the glacier if you were going to survive. I will be stressing the importance of execution as we embark on these adventures; reminding them of the power of your talk and calling on them to reach inside and go beyond their perceived limits. I believe that they will rise to the occasion as never before. Many thanks for helping us to see beyond ourselves!

David Sage

CEO, Underground Locators, LLC

We had an inspiring, invigorating and very meaningful presentation from mountain climber Jim Davidson. Jim helped us with a great send off by using our challenges as analogies to correspond with his mountain climbing experiences. It worked wonderfully!

Donna D. Watford

CMM, CMP – President of Meeting, Professionals International, Rocky Mountain Chapter

What an incredible story. You could hear a pin drop during his presentation.

Vice President of Convention/Hotel Sales

Caesars, Bally's, Harrah’s

Jim gave me the motivation to go forward with a project I have been struggling with for a year. Now I have inspiration to do it!

AMC Institute attendee

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