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Resilience Expert, Professional Speaker, Expedition Leader, Best-Selling Author

Jim shares his epic experiences to teach audiences critical lessons on resilience. In 1992, Jim survived a snow bridge collapse that dropped him and a partner into an 80-foot crevasse on Mount Rainier forcing him to climb out alone.

On April 25, 2015, Jim was at Camp 1 on Mount Everest when the earthquakes tragically struck Nepal. His intense reporting, photos and videos from Everest were closely covered by CNN, CBS, BBC, ABC and other news agencies.

Jim’s passion for teaching resilience and his aptitude for storytelling will inspire you. Book Jim for your next event!

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Resilience Enables You To:

  • Engage in tough challenges
  • Recover from setbacks
  • Adapt to change
  • Reach high goals

Jim’s Keynotes:

  • Build your team’s tenacity, perseverance and engagement
  • Increase your organization’s teamwork, leadership, and partnership
  • Impact your audience

Build Your Resilience With Jim Davidson

Jim is a resilience expert who distills compelling lessons to help you persevere. As a motivational keynote speaker, Jim Davidson shares inspirational stories about facing life’s adventures and overcoming adversity.

Through his principles of rallying resilience, you learn to harness inner strength and rebound from setbacks. You can take on challenges outside your comfort zone—and find the tenacity to prevail.

Resilience is not about avoiding risks or difficulties. It’s about engaging them, and finding a way to succeed. Rallying resilience even lets you find enjoyment in grappling with hardship, because it makes you stronger and more capable for other challenges and opportunities ahead.

carabinerWhen striving toward summits in business and life, organizations and people must:

  • Engage with vigor
  • Execute with determination
  • Rally the drive to continue upward

In challenging times, corporations and individuals need to:

  • Face adversity with courage
  • Persevere through repeated challenges
  • Overcome uncertainty

“The key to success is resilience.”

– Jim Davidson


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Resilience gives you the tenacity and fortitude to survive. Resilience fuels your determination so you can thrive.

By rallying resilience, the human spirit can bounce back from incredible setbacks. By surviving storms, success becomes that much more rewarding and spectacular.

Learning Resilience with Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson embodies Resilience. During a harrowing mountain climbing accident, he faced death, and summoned the physical and psychological resilience to survive. In his 30 years of adventure, Jim has:

  • Rescued himself from an 80-foot deep glacial crevasse
  • Climbed high-altitude peaks around the globe, including the world’s sixth highest (26,906 feet)
  • Led expedition teams and remote mountain rescues

Jim Davidson

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From his many adventures, inspirational motivational speaker Jim Davidson offers practical lessons to help you and your organization develop resilience.

When you rally resilience, ambiguity disappears and you discover a renewed sense of optimism. It’s about planning for adversity—and overcoming it.

By combining his hard-won insights with more than 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Jim distills real-world wisdom that helps you reach your summits in business and life