In the studio of the Roaring Success Radio Hour - Paul Neal Rohrer (L), Bill Greene & Jim Davidson (R)

The Animal Planet TV show “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” is very popular, so after the “Killer Crevasse” episode about me and my friend Mike Price began airing in January 2011, I have been contacted by lots of interested and interesting people. Recently, I was asked to appear on the Roaring Success Radio Hour to share the experience of having my survival story featured on I Shouldn’t Be Alive.

The Roaring Success Radio Hour provides a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the entertainment & media business: The host Paul Neal Rohrer and producer Bill Greene were inquisitive, fun & energetic.

You can hear the entire one-hour interview here:

When our new Book, “The Ledge” publishes on July 26, 2011, I hope to be invited back on the show to share some more insights about speaking, writing & the media business.