Just before a big climb, my movements are quicker and my step lighter. Adrenalin sizzles through my veins. I’m excited because something good is about to happen.

But, my stomach clenches tight. A nasty chemical accomplice of adrenalin makes my legs tingle and lightly quiver. Something bad could happen too.

Committing to big goals demands that you take the good with the bad. You’ll find fun, and fear. You’ll vacillate between decisive and doubt. It is this weird slurry of sensations that lets know that you have picked a big enough objective to make a difference in your life. You have chosen something huge enough to refine you into a better version of yourself.


Suffer now, succeed later.

Modest goals are usually pleasant, perhaps with a little uncertainty (Ex: “I’m going to run a race this weekend – hope it goes well”). Whether it’s a race, a work task, or a home project, we all pick and achieve simple goals all the time. It’s how we organize and implement our daily lives. But I’m not talking about common goals.

Committing to big goals can empower your life. Pouring your heart and soul into it can make you rise above your “To Do” list, and put you on a mission. Striving toward a life-changing goal, gives you new-found strength to work and wrangle, sacrifice and grow.

Big goals demand more than you have, more than you are.

When we hear about other people driving toward their goal, it can exhilarate us, and maybe even kick start us into chasing our own dream. Enthusiasm is contagious.
So, if you have a big goal, please share it with me. I’d love to hear what you are willing to sacrifice and sweat for. I need your examples, I need your enthusiasm. Because, I’m about to commit to a big goal of my own. I’m excited and I’m scared.  I guess I’ve picked the right goal…