Everest on a Clear Day

Report from Jim Davidson in Tibet
Base Camp of Cho Oyu, 16,000′

We arrived yesterday by truck from Tingri after a long and dusty ride. Base Camp is well organized and IMG is doing a great job of running the logistics. Food is good and there is plenty of it. My teammates all speak English quite well (much better than my Polish!) so English is the lingua franca of Base Camp. And everyone has been on adventures around the world, including both poles.

I have discovered that all those insane workouts in Colorado are paying dividends. Except for a slight altitude headache (which I know will fade over the next few days) I’m in great health. We’ve taken a few walks around here and this new elevation makes us a little breathless. But that will pass.

Views of Everest were amazing on the drive in— at times the entire north side of the mountain was visible. It is humbling and inspiring to see this highest point on Earth from the same vantage point as the first British explorers of the 1920’s. Unfortunately our objective— Cho Oyu at 26,906′— was shrouded by clouds when we arrived at Base Camp. This morning I rose early, stood outside my tent and Cho Oyu was completely clear! I could see our route all the way to 26,800′, the highest ridge walk.

I got some great video and photographs, but you really have to be here to believe it! Most of the computers in Base Camp are down, so communication may be spotty from now on, but I’ll phone out whenever possible. Thanks for all the good wishes, prayers, and warm thoughts. This is where I want to be right now.

Climb On.