Sunrise Over Kathmandu

After an early start on the day, we rolled out of Kathmandu at 6 AM.  The streets were calm at that time, so we made it out of the city in time to watch the rising sun burn the fog off the Kathmandu valley.  We saw some pretty country and some hardy people carving a living from the lush, but rugged hillsides.

On the four-hour drive, our driver weaved expertly around dogs and goats, chickens and ducks.  We jostled with a plethora of trucks, and made the international border by 10 AM.

With all the paperwork, 12 people, and 150 bags to carry across, our border crossing into the Tibet region of China took a few hours.  It went well.

We are now in Zangmu, just inside the border.  Tomorrow we will continue our drive north toward Nylam.  Let’s hope for good weather so that we can get see westward and get a glimpse of Shishapangma (another 8,000 meter peak), just 15 miles from the road.

Best wishes from the road.