Everest Resilience

When Jim Davidson went to climb Mount Everest, he knew it would demand tenacity, teamwork and perseverance. Then, when the devastating Nepal earthquake struck while Jim was on the mountain, the need for resilience was never greater.

Everest Resilience

Jim’s gripping story has been shared by NBC, CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, BBC News, Smithsonian Channel, Rocky Mountain PBS, The Weather Channel, and so many more!

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Experience this epic journey and learn the critical lessons of Everest Resilience!

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Everest Resilience

Jim Davidson at 26,906 feet on Cho Oyu in Tibet

Jim Davidson at 26,906 feet on Cho Oyu in Tibet

By following this journey, you can benefit from the lessons of Everest Resilience. Though you may not actually scale an icy slope five and half miles up into the sky, you can:

  • Increase your resolve to endure and succeed
  • Enhance your courage and commitment
  • Inspire and motivate yourself, and those around you, to pursue big goals and bold dreams


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Please follow along, embrace Everest Resilience, and share the lessons with others who are facing their own Everest in work