The Ledge – An Inspirational Story of Friendship and Survival
By Jim Davidson & Kevin Vaughan

The Ledge - Paperback

National Bestseller

Random House/Ballantine Books – 2012

Best Books of 2011

Amazon – 2011

National Outdoor Book Award

The Ledge reveals Jim Davidson’s incredible tale of resilience and survival. This compelling adventure memoir is a national best-seller and the winner of the National Outdoor Book Award.

Jim shares the story of The Ledge, and its lessons, in his exhilarating signature keynote presentation “Rally Your Resilience”


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“The authors bring extreme climbing to life…Perhaps no author can rationalize why some choose to risk their lives for the thrill of conquering a mountain. ‘The Ledge’ comes perilously close and tells a ripping true story at the same time.” – The Denver Post

A Story of Resilience

Jim Davidson and Mike Price, two friends and experienced climbing partners, summited Mount Rainier by the difficult Liberty Ridge route on June 21, 1992. As they descended the Emmons Glacier, without warning, a hidden snowbridge collapsed beneath Jim’s feet and dropped him into a huge, glacial crevasse.

Connected to Jim by the climbing rope, Mike tried to stop the fall but couldn’t. The two friends dropped 80 feet inside the dark icy cavern and were buried by falling snow. Mike did not survive.

Trapped alone in the crevasse, Jim was devastated at the loss of his friend. Though surrounded by ice and fear, Jim had to climb the overhanging ice walls, or die trying.

The Ledge reveals how Jim found the strength and tenacity to survive. And, The Ledge shares insights about how each one of us can find the resilience to climb out from any of life’s crevasses.

Origins of The Ledge

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About the Authors

Jim and Mike on Mount Rainier

Jim Davidson and Mike Price on the summit of Mount Rainier (14,410 feet) in Washington

Jim Davidson is a climber and inspirational speaker from Colorado. For more information, see About Jim. Kevin Vaughan is a staff writer at The Denver Post. Formerly with the Rocky Mountain News, he is an award-winning journalist and in 2008 was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize. For more information, see About Kevin.