Reviews of The Ledge

Author Jim Davidson making a presentation while on book tour

“The Ledge is storytelling at its finest.”
– National Outdoor Book Awards

“A modern Aristotelian tragedy.”
– Publishers Weekly

“The Ledge is a moving portrait of friendship and loss.”
– Wall Street Journal

“A gripping second-by-second tale.”
– New York Daily News

“A riveting account…of mental and physical strength.”
– The Coloradoan

“This story offers us the hope that humans are capable of far more than they realize”
– The Campsite

“This is a book to be shared, reread, put on your bookshelf and pulled out on a rainy…It opens our imagination, it opens possibilities; it reveals the character of a man.”
– Outside Magazine

[One of the] “Summer’s Biggest, Juiciest Nonfiction Adventures…a graceful, poised narrative that spares no gory detail but never feels mawkish.”
– National Public Radio

[The] “slow-the-clock, second-by-second, tick tock approach to a fall into a crevasse on Mount Rainier in 1992 is seductive — and instructive.”
– Seattle Times

“The Ledge is a fine addition to the mountaineering/survival book canon.”

“With powerful passages of writing, this book is a story of adventure, of friendship, and of grief and wisdom.”
– City Weekly

“A story of trust that explores a precarious situation in which men are literally bound to one another for survival.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“Written with intense honesty and a refreshing humility rarely found in adventure books.”
– The Banff Crag & Canyon

Kevin Vaughan and Jim Davidson signing copies of The Ledge after a presentation

“A well-written and…gripping tale.”
– Rock and Ice Magazine

“Not many people have been able to stare deep into the face of death and tell their story.”
– The Park Record

“Davidson’s book ‘The Ledge’ chronicles this fight for survival as well as how he dealt with the survivor’s guilt that followed. It’s a crisp, fast-paced read”
– ProactiveOutside

“The Ledge‘s theme of friendship gets at the heart of a relationship that can only be forged through challenging adventures like mountaineering.”
– The Suburban Mountaineer

“Through spare, vivid, and honest storytelling, The Ledge plunges readers into a dark, icy chasm from which escape seems impossible. Then it reveals the strength it takes to look up, and to start climbing.”
– Jim Sheeler, winner of the Pulitzer Prize and author of the National Book Award finalist Final Salute

“Few can imagine the terror of falling eighty feet into a bottomless abyss or the horror of losing a climbing partner in the process; even fewer could survive. Jim Davidson not only survives, he lives to tell the tale and to honor his fallen friend.”
– Jennifer Jordan, author of The Last Man on the Mountain and Savage Summit

“A deeply personal account of friendship, adventure, and epic tragedy, of struggling for life against the toughest of mountaineering odds imaginable.”
– Mike Gauthier, author of Mount Rainier: A Climbing Guide

The Ledge – FINALIST
– 2011 Banff Mountain Festival Book Competition

– The Denver Post
– Pacific Northwest Indie Bestseller List
– Mountains and Plains Indie Bestseller List