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Jim Davidson distills resilience lessons from his adventures and applies them to challenges in business and life. As a motivational speaker, Jim compelling keynotes and workshops include:


Resilient Leadership & Resilient Teamwork


Surviving Adversity & Succeeding with Challenges

(30-90 minute keynote)

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Everest Keynote: Resilience for Everest-Sized Goals

The best response to challenge, change and uncertainty is resilience. Jim distills practical lessons to nurture resilience in every situation. In this powerful keynote, Jim will share exhilarating stories and vivid videos from surviving the massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake on Mount Everest, and he’ll reveal what climbing alone out of an 80-foot deep glacial crevasse taught him about personal resilience and post-traumatic growth.

Topics Include:

  • Harnessing personal resilience
  • Staying resilient during a crisis and after
  • Resilient leadership and organizational resilience
  • How post-traumatic growth improves people, organizations & communities

The insights and lessons in this stunning keynote will increase your team’s organizational resilience, and improve your ability to survive and succeed when engaging Everest-sized goals.

When you experience Jim’s compelling, inspirational presentation, you learn valuable lessons about:

  • Persevering through overwhelming difficulties
  • Rallying resilience to overcome adversity
  • Confronting setbacks as you reach for your summits in business and life

From this epic experience, Jim shares an uplifting message that inspires organizations and audiences to be resilient and triumph over life’s crevasses.

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Everest Keynote: Resilience for Everest-Sized Goals

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Resilient Leadership & Resilient Teamwork Workshop

( 1-2 hour interactive workshop)

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Resilient Leadership & Engaged Teamwork

Organizations face unexpected challenges and changes pop up all the time, so companies must develop resilient leaders and responsive team members. This interactive session puts attendees right in the middle of an intense leadership and teamwork challenge. When massive earthquakes and avalanches tragically struck Mount Everest in 2015, expedition climber and resilience speaker Jim Davidson was right there on the glacier at Camp 1. In this workshop, Jim facilitates the group through this real-world epic and have the attendees work together to pinpoint the traits and characteristics of resilient leaders and engaged team members, including:

Learner outcomes:

  • Identify 6 communication traits leaders use to spark resilience
  • Distill 3 critical phrases that amplify engaged teamwork
  • Complete your own “Resilient Leadership & Teamwork Self-Assessment”

This energetic scenario will be brought to life by interactive group discussions and by Jim’s intense videos, photos and first-hand experience of being on Everest when the quakes hit.

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