Financial Services and Mountain Climbing Demand the Same Qualities

Financial Services Professionals
must be:
Mountain Climbers
must be:
Resilient Resilient
Perseverant Perseverant
Goal-driven Goal-driven
Energetic Energetic
Engaged Engaged
Optimistic Optimistic
Determined Determined
Tenacious Tenacious
Responsive Responsive
Team-oriented Team-oriented
Disciplined Disciplined

Financial Services Professionals and Mountain Climbers share the same traits. In each of their challenging fields they must excel at:

  • Preparing and executing successful plans
  • Maintaining a sharp awareness of opportunities and dangers
  • Balancing risk with reward in the pursuit of big goals
  • Deferring short-term reward for long-term gratification
  • Driving towards higher success

An Inspiring Financial Services Speaker

Teammates Rodney, Terry and Jim Davidson begin their ascent of Denali (20,320 feet) in Alaska.

You are going to trudge uphill, stand on summits, traverse low valleys and get pummeled by some storms whether you are:

  • A financial professional growing a business
  • An investment individual building a portfolio
  • An expedition climber scaling 26,000-foot peaks

No wonder expedition climber Jim Davidson connects so well as a financial services speaker. The crucible of high-altitude climbing mirrors the intensity of the financial, mortgage and banking industries, so Jim’s lessons and insights resonate strongly with driven fiscal professionals.

Jim shares compelling stories and memorable business lessons from his adventures at financial corporate gatherings, such as:

  • National Sales Conferences
  • Division Meetings
  • Advisor Events
  • Broker/Dealer Gatherings
  • Practice Management Training
  • Compliance Meetings
  • Client Appreciation Events
  • Sales Meetings
  • Training Retreats
  • Due Diligence Events

As the keynote speaker for scores of financial services events, Jim Davidson understands the challenges that your colleagues face. He knows how to craft an invigorating presentation that will entertain, enlighten and educate your attendees.

By inviting Jim to be the speaker at your next meeting, your guests will experience:

  • An exhilarating Value-Add program
  • Practical wisdom to help your team reach summits in business and life
  • Revitalizing energy and a refreshing perspective
  • Compelling stories, photos and videos that make the lessons meaningful and memorable

Special Presentations for the Financial, Banking, Mortgage and Real Estate Fields

The Climb Towards Retirement

Climbing Denali, a high-altitude test of resilience and perseverance.

When you are climbing a Himalayan peak or scaling a big fiscal goal like retirement, you need a solid plan for the ascent AND the critical descent! In this invigorating presentation by motivational speaker and expedition leader Jim Davidson, you’ll hear compelling lessons from extreme adventures that show how accumulating and dispersing retirement savings is like climbing and descending a high mountain.

For advisors and clients preparing for a lofty retirement, this presentation shares:

  • Three tips for strong ascents
  • Four critical techniques for a smart, safe descent
  • Why financial advisors & mountain guides are even more crucial during the descent phase
  • Risk tolerance, turn around points, protecting your retreat and other key strategies
  • The rewards of being summit driven vs. the risks of summit fever

Using vibrant climbing photos and stunning HD videos, Jim makes this session entertaining, enlightening and educational. This practice management presentation is designed for financial professionals and fiscally savvy audiences.

Best for: general session, opening keynote, closing keynote, breakout, workshop.

(45-60 minute keynote or 1-2 hour workshop)

Rally Your Resilience – Reach Your Summits in Business and Life

This is Jim’s powerful signature keynote, Rally Your Resilience – Reach Your Summits in Business and Life, specially modified for financial service professionals. As a financial services speaker, Jim emphasizes these lessons:

  • Persevering to grow your book of business
  • Expecting and overcoming crevasses
  • Rallying resilience in yourself and others to reach summits in business and life

From this epic experience, Jim shares an uplifting message that inspires organizations and audiences to be resilient and triumph over life’s crevasses. As Jim’s signature keynote, this riveting story is now featured in a one-hour TV episode of I Shouldn’t Be Alive and in a new adventure memoir called The Ledge (2011).

Best for: general session, opening keynote, closing keynote, post-meal presentation, appreciation events

(45-75 minute keynote)

Jim has other keynotes, workshops and retreats that can be customized for financial services, mortgage and banking conferences. You can learn more About Jim and see his brief videos.