Mexican Volcano Training Expedition 2015

CSU team high on Orizaba (2007)

CSU team high on Orizaba (2007)

An important part of being an experienced climber is helping new climbers learn and stay safe in the mountains. I honor the veteran mountaineers who took me on my earliest big climbs, by leading young mountaineers on their first expeditions. In January 2015, I co-led a successful expedition of student climbers to the Mexican volcanoes.

As part of the Colorado State University Outdoor Program, we trained and led a team of eleven climbers on:

La Malinche (14,640 feet)

Iztaccihuatl (17,159 feet)

Pico de Orizaba (18,490 feet)

In spite of some rough weather on Ixta, we had great success on the other two peaks. It was a fun trip with my co-leaders, Rodney & Andy, and my teammates: Ben, Natalie, Brian, Kristen, Richard, Daniel, Kari & Dean.

You read a summary of our Mexico Volcanoes expedition and see the best photos on my blog here.

And, here is a fun summary video of our Mexico expedition:

(Courtesy of CW-2 KWGN TV)

Mexican Volcano Training